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Heather Brandt, Founder/ CEO of BFI Insurance Services, was raised in a household where her father, David Brandt is an insurance agent with Farmers Insurance. She saw the value in the insurance business as it creates an opportunity to help other businesses and families, it builds long lasting relationships with clients, and provides great future income and business. Heather followed in her Father's footsteps and opened her own Farmers Insurance agency at 20 years old! After working for Farmers Insurance for awhile, she decided that she wanted more opportunity to grow and fully service the client by having access to ALL the insurance companies to work with, instead of limiting her to one company. Heather founded BFI Insurance Services, which stands for Brandt Financial Insurance in 2012. The company has been rapidly in growth as our clients continue to see the value of service they receive from our experienced insurance specialists!

Heather Brandt 

Meet the Business Owner 

Heather Brandt is the Founder/ CEO of BFI Insurance Services. She has invested many years into building a successful insurance business. She has a passion for working with Business Owners and Families and helping them be properly insured. Heather is an over achiever with everything she does.

She believes that each day is an opportunity to grow, and will accept each task that she is presented with as an opportunity to achieve it. Enjoys being a leader and helping others to see the positive side of life. She enjoys building long lasting relationships with the clients and staff of BFI Insurance Services as she wants to watch the agency grow. Heather believes in leading her staff with the same values of the company: We work for the client, not for our self! Heather believes in working in a positive & fun work environment where our main focus is the best interest of the client, not for our individual self.

Gladys A. Carvajal

Meet Gladys

I have been in the insurance industry since 2003 and can't imagine doing anything else. I love what I do. I am licensed in Property & Casualty since 2007. I enjoy my career as it is my passion to help others with their insurance needs either personal or commercial.

I specialize in liability, business auto, transportation, retail stores and workers compensation. I have worked with all size accounts from small business to middle and large market accounts. I take a personal interest in all of my clients and enjoy getting to know each and every one of them. It is my job to ensure all of my clients understand their insurance coverage and the reasons why each one of their coverage's are important to protecting their business, as well as their employees.

I am a mom of a teenager whom inspires me to be a better ME day by day, when I started my career as an insurance broker he was only 8 months old, he was my motor to keep going day by day! I enjoy my days off with my little family, my husband, my son and our pet Sasha whom we adore.

what our customers think

We enjoy working with Heather and would highly recommend her to other professionals and organizations!
 Dr. Blaise Riedlinger
Heather is a wonderful insurance agent. She is personable and trustworthy and always had my best interest in mind. Her bubbly spirit and knowledgable service is evident in her work- I would highly recommend Heather for future representation to both my friends and coworkers.
 Keeley Zecca
Heather is a delightful professional that places a large emphasis on customer service. She really cares about her clients and puts in the extra work to meet their insurance needs.Karen Mathis

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